iSTOX seek to democratise the private market space

iSTOX seek to democratise the private market space

Oi Yee Choo, iSTOX Chief Commercial Officer, speaks about how tokenisation and digital securities can enable green bonds and how their digital securities platform lowers issuance threshold, appealing to local sustainability linked and green bonds.

HCE Syntheses Introduction Recording – Integration

Health campaigns are a powerful tool for addressing a variety of health concerns. Oftentimes multiple campaigns will be running in the same geographic area at a similar time. Health programs are increasingly seeking ways to efficiently utilize limited resources and minimize the burden on and fatigue of communities. To address this, integration of campaigns is a potential opportunity.

Private Equity Secondaries

Due to demand for further clarification on private equity secondaries, we’ve created this video to discuss in detail the definition of “primary” vs. “secondary” equity markets, private equity fund secondary transactions, and private equity direct secondary transactions.

We also use real life examples to explain these concepts. When explaining private equity direct secondary transactions, we look at BlueCat Networks, a growing technology company that received capital from Northleaf Capital Partners in 2009. Seven years later in 2016, Northleaf increased its stake in BlueCat Networks by buying the stake of a private equity fund that was looking to exit its investment. This deal is a great example of a private equity direct secondary transaction!

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Disclaimer: All investment and financial information expressed in this video is for educational purposes only.

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Andrew Shardt on Building A Wider Door to Private Markets

Alternative asset manager Hamilton Lane’s acquisition of investment platform 361 Capital earlier this year brings the $550 billion, 30-year-old global investment shop a step closer to U.S.-based registered investment advisors and their HNW clients. Hamilton Lane’s goal is to bring easier access to private market investments, and was recognized at the 2021 Industry Awards in the category of Asset Managers – New Product Development for their Global Private Assets Fund.

In this episode, Andrew Shardt, head of global investment strategy for Hamilton Lane, talks to David Armstrong about Hamilton Lane’s history, how the firm has created innovative investment vehicles to lower the bar for private market investments among individual investors, and the benefits to advisors who access private markets in terms of diversification and more opportunities for returns.

Hamilton Lane Private Assets Fund

In this episode, you will learn:

– What Hamilton Lane brings in terms of data, returns and performance in private market investments that can benefit advisors.
– Why the firm acquired 361 Capital
– How Hamilton Lane’s ‘40 Act Tender Offer fund eases access to private market investments for advisors with more liquidity than traditional options.
– That private markets are a much broader, deeper pool of investment options than what is available in the public markets, bringing more diversity, long-term outperformance and less volatility to investors.
– Where Schardt sees potential opportunity—and perils—in the global markets

Resources: Wealth | LinkedIn: Andrew Schardt | LinkedIn: Hamilton Lane |

Democratising Investing – with Oi Yee Choo from iSTOX

Overview of presentation:

0:00 Introductions
03:36 Oi Yee and Sam journey from banks to fintech
14:49 Cost of traditional banks
20:35 Oi Yee’s motivation to jump to fintech
25:19 Introduction to fintech
30:35 Understanding digitised securities
36:14 What is iSTOX?
47:25 About Endowus’s journey
55:07 QnA

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