MyDocSafe unveils qualified electronic signature offering

MyDocSafe unveils qualified electronic signature offering

RegTech MyDocSafe has revealed that it now offers qualified electronic signatures for its customers and clients.

SAP ERP Electronic Signatures + Secure Single Sign-On

This video shows how the CyberSafe TrustBroker Secure Client product allows users to re-authentication with their Active Directory credentials when using electronic signatures in the SAP ERP application. This is required for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Tech Minute: Electronic-signature apps save time, paper

Although much of our world is now digital, sometimes a good, old-fashioned signature is required on certain documents. But it can be burdensome to print pages, sign, and then scan or mail them back.

Electronic and Digital Signatures: Obtaining Signatures When Attorneys and Inventors Work From Home

The 2020 “work from home” situation has made getting “wet” signatures from inventors and attorneys a challenge for both corporations and patent law firms. This webinar will address the advantages and disadvantages of electronic signatures worldwide, for both patent office forms and formal documents (e.g., assignments and declarations). Panelists will discuss their experiences working with electronic signature solutions such as DocuSign and Adobe Sign. Join us for this practical and relevant discussion.

How to make Electronic Signature

In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to create an electronic signature on your PC that you can use to insert into documents or contracts.

⌚ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
1:13 Example document that needs a signature
1:58 Use OneNote to create electronic signature
8:11 Save signature as a PNG
10:11 Use Office Lens to create electronic signature
13:37 Sign PDF directly using Office app
15:16 Wrap up

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