Santander Innoventures makes first investment into Brazil

Santander Innoventures makes first investment into Brazil

Brazil-based Creditas has increased its Series C funding round to $55m, with Vostok Emerging Finance leading the round.

2023 Santander Investor Day | Full webcast

The Banco Santander leadership team presented the bank’s plan for growth for the next three years (2023-2025) at its Investor Day in London. Ana Botín (Executive Chair), Héctor Grisi (CEO) and José García Cantera (CFO) outlined the group’s strategy, as well as key financial and commercial goals.

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The ROLLER COASTER of the BRAZILIAN economy – VisualPolitik EN
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Over the last five decades the Brazilian economy has been much like a roller coaster.

Periods of strong economic growth and high expectations have been followed by crises, devaluations and even hyperinflation. This is what happened in the late 1980s, for example. In 1989 Brazil experienced 1,320% inflation and in 1990, 2,740%.

The result is that 50 years after experiencing what became known as the Brazilian Miracle, Brazil has still not taken the final leap forward it needs to become a developed country.

In spite of this, during the last decades Brazil has been a fashionable country in financial circles, something that has much to do with a period of reforms that took place in the 1990s and that has come to be known as the Real Plan. But what did this plan, led by politician Fernando Henrique Cardoso really entail? Did it achieve its objectives? Why has Brazil not yet managed to overcome its addiction to crises and its dependence on raw materials? In this new video in collaboration with Value School, we tell you.

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Santander Brazil to Launch Crypto Trading Feature in Coming Months, CEO Says

Santander Brazil to Launch Crypto Trading Feature in Coming Months, CEO Says⁣ #cryptotrading #incoming #ceo #brazil #santander

Santander’s Brazil Unit May Be Biggest IPO This Year: Video

Oct. 6 (Bloomberg) — The initial public offering of Banco Santander SA’s Brazilian unit is expected to be the biggest IPO of 2009. The offering from Spain’s largest bank is set to price tonight and will start trading tomorrow morning on both the Bovespa and the New York Stock Exchange. Bloomberg’s Sheila Dharmarajan reports. (Source: Bloomberg)