Allianz X to take over simplesurance

Allianz X to take over simplesurance

Allianz X, the digital investments arm of Allianz Group, is to acquire 100% of the shares in InsurTech simplesurance.

2022 TXA Invitational Recap | Trust X Alliance

We have data to be more intuitive about how we work with you, we have cashflow to change your business, and we have the solutions to extend your capabilities into new markets. From channeling a customer-first mindset, to imagining what’s next for the digital future, the 2022 Trust X Alliance Invititational left attendees inspired, motivated and excited about the future of their businesses. #TrustXAlliance #IngramMicro #GrowTogether #Community #Partnership #imaginenext

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Nightcore – Take Over x Rise (Rashional Mashup) ↬ Switching Vocals

♪ Lyrics in the video, thanks for listening ❤︎
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Take Over (ft. Jeremy McKinnon (A Day To Remember), MAX, Henry) | Worlds 2020 – League of Legends
RISE (ft. The Glitch Mob, Mako, and The Word Alive) | Worlds 2018 – League of Legends
Remix by Rashional Mashup
Mashup Video:



✪ [Rashional]

✪ [League of Legends]


♦ Picture: by 時鐘みかん by cm
♦ Support artist:
♦ Character:
Right: Prince of Lanling
Left: Gilgamesh
♦ Picture Orgin: Fate Grand Order


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♦️ Video: After Effects CS 2015
♦️ Audio: FL Studio 20


#Nightcore #TakeOverxRise #SwitchingVocals
#Mashup #RashionalMashup #FateGrandOrder
#Lyrics #Lyricvideo
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Insuring the world for 130 years | Allianz

After 130 years of helping people prepare, we’ve learned a thing or two. Among them, that you get a lot more out of insurance than solely protection against the unknown. It’s like learning how to swim strictly to survive, when water offers us so much potential adventure. Namely, the ability to jump in and make the most of life. This is the point of view that inspires our experts to help people all over the world prepare with insurance.

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How to Rate Lock with Allianz Indexed Universal Life Insurance!

In today’s episode, we show you How to Rate Lock with Allianz Indexed Universal Life Insurance. Allianz offers a manual lock and now a new auto lock as well!
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